Northwest High Band marching on despite challenges

The Lincoln Northwest High School marching band faced unique challenges this fall. The band dealt with obstacles like a canceled football season, limited practice spaces and zero competitions. Despite the setbacks, the Falcons marching band didn’t let it rain on their parade.  The students found new ways to practice and build connections through the hardships. 

“It’s kind of bonding us all together, knowing that none of us will go on the field and play. We’re all doing it together,” Northwest junior Alexah said. 

“We specifically wanted them to bond and build a strong culture from the beginning, especially since we knew we weren't going to have what people consider a normal marching season,” Head Band Director Paul Kenney added.

To celebrate their resiliency, the band’s directors put their heads together to give the students a chance to still perform and showcase their hard work through a “Spirit Night.” The band will play selections from the Disney blockbuster – Encanto during the event. A movie where family is at the center became symbolic for the Falcons marching band. 

“I didn’t originally intend that to be the case, but it was just a nice coincidence that we chose this show that had a lot of music that dealt with family, bonding, relationships and being together, which kind of what this season has been all about,” Kenney added. 

“They’re literally like my family. I love them so much,” Northwest junior Da’Vion said.

The community is invited to the Northwest High School Spirit Night on Oct. 27, starting at 7 p.m. In addition to the band, there will be performances from the cheer and dance teams.

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Look at some highlights from the Northwest marching band practice. 

Published: October 26, 2022, Updated: October 26, 2022

Lincoln Northwest High Marching Band practicing for upcoming "Spirit Night" performance.